Tom Werkheiser


My name is Tom Werkheiser,

On April 1st 1985, greatness was born, in the form of me! OK maybe not but that is when I was born.

I’m a web and print designers, with a passion for photography. This is my personal portfolio of work that I have done. I’m constantly reading and working on making myself better at photography and design.

My interest in photography started in high school when I took a photography class. I only started getting serious in photography in the past year. Over the past year I learned a lot about photography, and in the process of making more than just a hobby. I have always been creative so that is where my design part comes in, I enjoy taking a blank screen and making it into something.

That’s all for now, I will be updating this site over the coming months to where I feel it will be complete.

Want to know more feel free to contact me.