Tom Werkheiser

Project 365 part 2

Last year I attempted to do a 365 project, well really I only tried to do a 52 week project. I decided on the 52 week project instead thinking that I’d be able to stick with it. How hard could it be to take one picture a week? Apparently hard when different things came up and I didn’t have time to take that one picture a week. Now I’m going to attempt to do the 365 project which is to take a picture every day of the year. I decided to have a dedicated site for my project because I didn’t want to have so much on this blog where my other project would be buried onto other pages. I have this new project at So check out if I can complete it, give some encouragement, and give me some ideas for the pictures. I have one day down, 365 to go (it’s a leap year this year).

Categories: Photography