Tom Werkheiser

Starting in product photography

I want to expand the photography that I’m working on. I have done other types that I still am working on getting better at, but yesterday I started my work on product photography with one of my watches. I tried yesterday with just a piece of paper on a table and a speedlite and a strobe to light the watch. If I spent more time than I had it would have come out better than it did (it turned out pretty good but I know I could have done better). So I decided to build a light box to see if it would come out better or if I should just play more with the lighting and a table. I used the strobist approach and made a light box. It took awhile to put the light where the reflections on the watch looked good and didn’t reflect anything around it. Since it was in a cardboard box some of the reflections on the watch could be seen. So I taped paper where the cardboard was visible in a reflection as you can see in my shots of my setup below.

I’m happy with the way that the images came out. I didn’t do much in post processing, just cropped and a little tweaks but other than that thee are straight out of camera. I could have spent a few hours fixing all the scrapes and chips on my watch but I’m going to leave it because this is my first time and I’m more just going for technique and testing my new light box. I will be doing more product shots of other things and making them perfect to put in my portfolio. For now here is the final image, click for a larger image.

Product photography of a watch

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